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Stock management system that works with offline payments
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We are currently using CREloaded for our shop system, and frankly it’s an absolute mess. We paid some developers to build in a few features/hacks that we needed, and they have messed up most of the system. I would dearly love to be able to scrap the whole thing and move over to Magento as soon as possible.

The main thing that we absolutely must have is a stock control system that works similarly to this…

1.  A website visitor chooses to place an order and pay for it using one of these methods:

• Credit card payment – for offline processing (ie this is NOT instantaneously validated and debited)
• Bank transfer
• Cash / Postal order

Stock levels are not subtracted at this point as we do not know whether payment will clear, or be received by mail.

2.  When payment has been received/cleared, we manually mark the order status as ‘Cleared’ in the admin system

3.  Our order fulfillment company logs in each day, dispatches all the orders with a status of ‘Cleared’ and marks the order status as ‘Dispatched’.

4.  Only when the stock is marked as dispatched will it subtract that order’s stock from the stock levels

Will Magento have a stock management system that will work with these requirements - I had a look around the site and could not find any details on this.


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