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Product bundle questions: Component prices; Mystery colors
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What purpose do the prices for individual components of a product bundle serve?

I’m trying to create a bundle product and I’m being forced to enter prices for each component of the bundle. The point of the bundle is that it costs less than the sum of the prices of the individual products, and I don’t really want to show (or even know) what the individual component prices are. I’m just setting the prices of the individual componets to $0.00. This is kind of ugly in the cart.

Are the prices for some sort of configurable bundle product where the customer can choose the quantities of each product in the bundle? (That seems like a pretty weird bundle.)

Second bundle question: I’d like to make a bundle of two items, the first of which the customer can choose the color of, and the second of which we choose the color of as a mystery color item (to unload slow selling colors in a discounted bundle).

I’ve got it set up as a radio button group for the customer-choice component. The mystery color component I have as a radio button also for a single item (it seems to work the same for checkbox or anything if there is a single item, just showing the item). The mystery color item will be one of four SKUs. We also have a configurable product composed of these SKUs. What SKU should I use in the bundle? I don’t seem to be given a choice of using the configurable SKU as part of a bundle (unless I’ve done something wrong). So I suppose I need to make a fourth “color” SKU of mystery color, set it as always In Stock, and manually decrement the inventory of the color we choose? Is there a more automatic way of setting it up?

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