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Hi, I’m a UK ebay shop owner. Am I in the right place? 
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Hi all!

I’m a small ebay shop owner in the UK selling small items to compliment my main income. The business is steadily growing and I began to consider building a website.

I am not that tech savvy. I know HTML and CSS but have no idea about server side.

I need ebay ‘inventory’ integration (the prices and shipping will differ from ebay to website)

I don’t mind updating inventory amounts manually (currently listing 50 items but will be 100 in 6 months)

I have the following questions;

- Would you suggest magento as the platform for me to begin on?

- Should I invest in a web designer/developer for setting up a Magento community site or should I sign up to the Magento GO?

- Companies like Frooition are offering full packages that cover the shop design and webdesign, but are asking for high monthly subscriptions, is it worth it?

My Thanks anticipated

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Hi there,

Magento will easily handle your needs however it can’t be called the easiest to use solution. Moreover, it will require a good server to run properly. Not sure about Magento Go it seems to be a nice solution but if you are searching for a hosted cart I would rather suggest you to look at BigCommerce and Shopify, as far as I know both of them can handle your issues.
Basically I would say that if you are searching for an open source solution than it is impossible to find something better than Magento. But if you are searching for something more user-friendly than take a look at one of other hosted carts.
Here is a fun article that compares shopping cart to superheroes, it will give you an idea about most popular platforms. Actually each of them can do what you need but in some cases you will have to search for extensions to manage integration with eBay.
Good luck=)

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