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Payment issue
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Joined:  2011-05-20

I can’t take payments though my card provide on my main site. I can however take payments on an exact staging copy of the site and database on the same server, when run from the path publichtml/staging/. The problem occurs when the redirect happens to the card provider or when the direct API is used at the take payment stage. The card provider module works OK + they have tested it on their server.

so the only thing that is different is the location of the files .ie from the publichtml/staging it works and from publichtml/cart it doesn’t

How can this be possible, I’ve tried connecting different sets of files to different databases and always get the same result, so I’m fairly sure both the files and the database are OK.

Could someone suggest a possible reason for this or a way to error check it, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the log to suggest there is a problem, logging is on.

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