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Installing on Blue Host tips
JJ Pagac
Total Posts:  52
Joined:  2007-12-06
Madison, WI USA

I have been experimenting installing Magento on a few different accounts at blue host and I though I would share my experiences with it.  Magento works great at, but a few tweaks might be neccessary.

1.  Though the pdo_mysql extension is available, you might need to activate it.  If your installer is saying you don’t have pdo installed, simply add these lines somewhere in you php.ini file, which is locate in your root directory

2.  If you just see a blank page, when firing up your installer, this is a simple permission problem.  The Magento team has the permission of the index.php file set to 644.  However, bluehost actually wants it set to 755.

Have fun!

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