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Magmimo Product and Category Importer Help
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-03-03

I have bought the Magmimo Products and Category importer extension in hopes of importing roughly 30,000 products in approximately 600 categories, from a CSV file, but I am having two problems,

One: If I try to import using a file located locally on the server, rather then uploading one from my machine, when I try to run the profile I am receiving an error that “/var/import” cannot be created (this is the path I specified that my local file would be located.) and the script fails to execute.

Two: When I do run it as a uploaded file from my machine the status window fails to show any update as to the status of the scripts current process (Stuck/Stays at 0% and never completes). It also only imports a random number of products (40-149 Items). Also It fails to download/retrieve images that were specified as a URL in the CSV file for the products that it did process. I verified that the URLs are good/correct and working.

I am using Magento

I emailed the developer 24hours ago but havent gotten a response so far.

Has anyone else bought this extension and faced the same problem or know how to fix it. HELP!!!  Crap at this point I’m not even opposed to using a different Extension that can import products and categories and images from a URL.

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