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Bulk Assign Products to Category Tree
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I imported around 5,000 products to the Magento database using the import function, this has worked well but we have around 50 store categories some around 3/4 deep.

I’d like to assign the products that are in the last root of one of these categories to the whole parent tree. Is there a quick way to do this? A MySQL query perhaps?

E.g. Product is ‘red balloons and appears in Novelties>Balloons>Latex Balloons>Coloured

Currently it’s only assigned to the coloured category, but I would like to assign it to the parents too. E.g. Balloons and Latest Balloons.

Thank you for your help!

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Importing using the application called Store Manager for Magento it is possible to assign product to multiple categories of different depth.
Using your example, to assign product to 3 categories Baloons, Latex balloons and Colored, in your .csv file you need to indicate 3 category paths separated by double delimiter (I use pipe symbol - |):
Novelties|Balloons|Latex Balloons|Coloured||Novelties|Balloons|Latex Balloons||Novelties|Balloons
each double pipe || means end of 1 category path and beginning of other one.

In case your products are in your database, you can update categories in bulk using \"Assign Categories\” option of Store Manager for Magento. There you need to check parent categories, and Store Manager will apply them in bulk to all selected products.

In any case, you can try out this solution, as there is 2-weeks free test version of Store manager application -
Let me know if you need my assistance.

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