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Change custom options / attribute
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Hi there,

I’m currently working on a site which sells sunshading for houses.

I’ve come upon another site for examples and their productpage looks awesome.

In the attachment the product view on the current site and what I want to change to.

This site is very cool.

As far as I can see the attributes/custom options have an ID.

This is the piece of code from the first fieldset:

<li id="color-fieldset" class="form-fieldset "><div class="numbers">1</div><fieldset><div class="legend">Kies een kleur :</div>

select name="options[color]" id="options-color" class=" required-entry" style="display: none;">
option value="" label="-- Selecteer a.u.b. --">-- Selecteer a.u.b. --</option>
option value="73" label="Crème (9001)">Crème (9001)</option>
option value="71" label="Wit (9010)">Wit (9010)</option>
option value="72" label="Technisch zilver">Technisch zilver</option>
option value="201" label="Staal blauw (5011)">Staal blauw (5011)</option>
option value="202" label="Dennen groen (6009)">Dennen groen (6009)</option>
option value="203" label="Antraciet grijs (7016)">Antraciet grijs (7016)</option>
option value="204" label="Grijs bruin (8019)">Grijs bruin (8019)</option>
select><div id="color_switch_button:73" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;&#xA8;me9001.png);">Crème (9001)</div><div id="color_switch_button:71" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Wit (9010)</div><div id="color_switch_button:72" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Technisch zilver</div><div id="color_switch_button:201" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Staal blauw (5011)</div><div id="color_switch_button:202" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Dennen groen (6009)</div><div id="color_switch_button:203" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Antraciet grijs (7016)</div><div id="color_switch_button:204" class="color-switcher-button hint" style="background-image: url(;">Grijs bruin (8019)</div></li></ul></fieldset></li>

I’ve been looking for code to change this on the internet but I can’t find an extension or code to set up the fieldsets like on the example website. Who can show me some light in the tunnel?



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