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Custom Options Not Show - Do Product Attributes, Price Tier, and Custom Option of Sample Product show together in Store Front? 
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I am new to Magento. I am setting up a website. I have an issue my Custom Options sometime show and sometime not shown in the store front. I am not sure if Product Attributes and/or Price Tier trigger that issues? Can somebody clearify this if they can work together, or give me instruction to to make it work. I need to have these Product Attributes, Price Tier and Custom Options to work together in the Sample Product.

Here are the basic setup I did:
- When create new product, I select ”Default” and ”Sample Product
- Custom Option: added several options in every product (note: Custom Option un-predictably shown and not shown in storefront)
- Added Attributes and Attribute Set (in Default) are used in every product
- Visibility: Product; Search
- Status: Enabled
- Special Price: Used with Price Tier (note: Special Price not shown in storefront)
- Display Product Option in: Product Info Column
- Inventory Manage Stock: I tried both YES or NO and limit the Min and Max Qty to sell to 1 and 4
- Stock Availability: In Stock

At this moment, the page only shows Product Attributes and Price Tier but Custom Options still disappeared (it appeared with the other 2 together 1 hour ago). Special Price never show in this product.

Please help!

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Reported bugs # 10708, and 10726.

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