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Free Extension: Simple YouTube Feed
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I wanted a really simple way to list our videos, so I created an extension for it.

From the README:

This extension provides a simple way to list a your YouTube videos in one
location. The YouTube channel or username is set in Admin → Config → General
→ YouTube Feed. Then Ytfeed will make a listing of that channel’s videos to be
displayed on your site at /videos. This extension came about because the
developer’s frustration at finding a way to present to website visitors a
simple list of the business’s YouTube videos.

Via the admin configuration page, a nickname can be substituted for your Store
Name at the top of the /videos page. Also set via admin are the sort order and
sort field. Videos are sortable via duration, rating, or number of views,
ascending or descending.

The videos are presented much in the same manner that a catalog page listing is
done. Clicking on the videos or titles will open a new browser page to YouTube
for that video (or playlist). All of the videos’ information is dynamically
obtained from the google data feed upon each page visit. Displayed are the
title, thumbnail, URL, views, rating and video length. Ytfeed uses the same CSS
as catalog pages. The CSS is hardcoded in the template file content.phtml.

Playlists are aggregated and displayed just like another video. The playlist
videos are not individually listed, instead the playlist’s thumbnails are
displayed. For each playlist, Ytfeed does iterate the playlist’s videos to
determine total playlist duration. From the videos within, the highest rating
and number of views are used to reflect on that playlist’s statistics. Clicking
on links in a playlist’s entry take the user to the YouTube playlist page so
that all videos in the playlist will play sequentially.

After the playlists are handled in the code, videos not in playlists are then
prepared for the display on /videos. As these videos are not obtainable via
the google data feed, all videos are downloaded and then if the video wasn’t
referred to in the playlists already scanned, it is added to the list of
entries to be displayed in the feed. Clicking on a video’s links takes the
user to the YouTube page for that video.

Download here

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Brilliant extension, Following two more extension I would recommend: -

1. Auto Order Delay Emailer (Free):- This extension facilitates you to send automated emails to customers informing them about their product order delay.

Features of Auto Order Delay Emailer
• Emails are completely customizable
• You can set the day when the emails need to be send
• Supports multiple e-shops and multiple languages

Visit here: -

2. Auto Review Reminder Emailer (Free):- Auto review reminder emailer provides you the possibility to send email messages to your customers requesting them to review the products they have purchase from your e-commerce store.

Features of Auto Review Reminder:
• Allows for sending product review reminders automatically
• Allows for choosing status after which reminder must be sent
• Provides Admin with an editable HTML template for reminders
• Multi-store compatible
• Delay can be configured

Visit here: -

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