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Open Your Own Social Media Storefront. Integrating Magento with Facebook/Twitter
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When opening a brick-n-mortar store you know that picking the right location was key; you want to be located where your customers are.  However, even when you’re located in the right neighborhoods, you still have to lure customers into your store to make sales. One traditional way shop owners did this was by using sidewalk sales to draw customers around them inside their stores. It’s a great advertising tactic but all sales still had to be made inside the store. In recent years, eCommerce has extended the sidewalk sale concept to the Internet. Customers see your products on web sites they go to, and your ad draws them to your online store (like Magento) to make their purchase. But that’s all about to change!

By creating social media storefronts, shop owners now can open a virtual store right on the Internet’s version of a sidewalk. Customers not only see items to buy, they can complete purchases without ever leaving the web site they’re on. This is truly convenient shopping for the customer and convenient revenue for you.

Using sites like Facebook or Twitter, sellers can now build a social media storefront by creating an account in nShop, a new storefront publishing platform being developed by the partnership team of nChannel and ZoopShop. ZoopShop’s platform already provides an affordable ecommerce storefront with powerful features that enable subscribers to “post” an item to a social network.  Members of the social community can purchase the item from the post using ZoopShop’s integrated shopping cart features.  nShop, powered by nChannel, will give shop owners the ability to use their existing eCommerce, point of sale or business systems to syndicate items to the ZoopShop platform. As customers place orders on ZoopShop or through a social network, orders will be collected in the sellers system of choice.

nShop’s multi-channel connector will push out item and inventory updates in Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL or SAGE or RMS systems to storefronts such as Magento, Amazon or eBay eCommerce marketplaces. Any web page, such as a blog, that publishes feeds from Twitter or Facebook communities will provide sidewalk visibility for items to be purchased on the spot.

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