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Attention Online Business Can Bank Indonesia
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The proliferation of online business or what is called the traksaksi purchase online via the Internet, online businesses are now starting to concern the Bank or the Bank of Indonesia, is a good news for businesses in the virtual world because it has managed to gain the trust of its customers thanks to the system of which traksaksi safe in the online store,
in an author read from the source media replubika, Bank Indonesia (BI) projects growth in online buying and selling businesses, better known as e-commerce will become significant in the next five to 10 years. E-commerce become one of the solutions increased access to finance or financial inclusion in various regions in Indonesia.

BI stakeholders regulate e-commerce payment system and is currently being discussed government rules, said Executive Director of the Department of Accounting and Payment System BI, Boedi Armanto, ROL found in Jakarta,

This online-based business transactions shall respect and fulfill the rights of consumers. Currently, the legal framework that protects only the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

However, Boedi said, the rules are still too broad and less specific. He suggested that more precise rules may be a Draft Government Regulation (RPP). RPP is thought to be able to discuss points that are more specific online business. This rule also requires flexibility and thus require lower rules under the Act

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