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Cost product price with VAT, how to..? 
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Joined:  2013-02-27


I am really missing one thing that I need.
I have all the prices around the store in catalog to be shown including VAT.
In product admin I enter the price alreay with VAT (and it shows how much is VAT from the price)

But the cost of product (buying price) is entered without VAT.

I have added one more attribute cost_vat and placed it in Prices on product page.

However, is there any way how to achieve that when I enter the price withut VAT into the cost field,
it will be automatically shown with the VAT in caost_vat field?
I do not need anything fancy for this, I could easily hard set the VAT percentage in the code, I suppose
some javascript could handle this?
Anyone had similar issue? Any idea?

cost field I enter price 100
cost_vat will automaticall shown 121 (cause VAT defined in the script is 21%)

Would be the coolest thing if it worked vice versa as well, when I enter 121 into cost_vat field I get 100 in cost field.

Thanks a lot.

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