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How do I recover my admin access? 
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My intension was to block visiters from my own country, so I just chose it in configuration in restrict country, which is below the default country tab. Now I can not log into admin panel, even not the store page access is denied.  the error message is as below: Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.
My questions is: how can I recover and erase the restriction on countries?

Thank you very much.


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These configuration entries are stored in the core_config_data table with the following paths: general/country/allow and general/country/default

For example if you decided to exclude US for a default country of US, it would look something like the following:

general/country/default US


Supposing that there is an error in the logic that causes Magento to die because the default country (bad error handling) isn’t in the allowed country list, use phpMyAdmin to set the following:

general/country/default US

general/country/allow US

And recover from there.

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