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AWS Magento Scaling - Free Trial Consulting
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I’ve seen a lot of people have issues with scaling Magento in an automated way on AWS/EC2.

I would love to help a few companies get the most of their large stores and demonstrate how an AWS setup can work in your favor.

My free consulting will consist of:
How to leverage AWS and GlusterFS to create a high performance shared file system.
Utilize CloudFront to make your store load extremely responsively in all regions.
Store your cache in ElastiCache to provide a snappier front end.
Enable auto-scaling of your application servers to scale up and down with load automatically. No more sales killing your store!
Distribute your database load to multiple zones, reducing read latency and increasing availability.

This is free of charge. The reason I’m doing this is because after seeing so many Magento users get trapped in the “Specialized Magento Shared Hosting” realm where their host doesn’t have a clue on how to sustain large stores or keep performance high even under huge stress, bothers me.

It’s really easy to run your own store, it’s really easy to scale for infinite traffic. I would love to take on a handful of people and teach them how to do this on their own.

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