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Upgrading to nuked my hosting account
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After being hacked previously, I restored to an earlier backup to a new hosting account on a VPS. I wanted to upgrade to v1.7.0.2 and went through the process in Magento Connect. Everything looked fine, until the end when during the Clearing Cache part, it threw an exception., After this I could no longer access the site.

After googling, I learn that the Magento upgrade can mess with permissions and a PHP script was recommend to clean it up.

After FTPing to upload the script, I discovered I had no permissions to view anything on my site. My home folder wasn’t showing anything and the public_html dir or anything else was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t even upload the cleanup script.

I logged in via SSH as root, and discovered that the files were still there, and apparantly still had the correct permissions and ownership. I could view them as root, but not when logged in as the host account user.

I blew most of a day trying to sort it out, and my hosting provider won’t support it as it’s not a hosting issue, and eventually deleted the hosting account and started again with another one.

I’ve got the site back on v1.7, but I dare not try to upgrade again.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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It sounds very much like an ownership issue to me - are you sure the owner can be viewed by the public?

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