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Help - 1.2.1 install in sub-domain has broken my main site - best way to progress? 
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My site has been live with Magento since May 08.
We upgraded as far as 1.01.19870, then because it wasn’t a straight forward upgrade have sat there since.

During the Christmas break I created a dev sub domain and installed version 1.1.8 to develop and test it and then switchover to the main site.

Then, about 2 days later, the 1.2 versions arrived. I did no more with 1.1.8 and it sat there happily with a few imported products for the last month.

Yesterday, to have a look at 1.2.1 I created a dev2 sub domain and uploaded latest magento. When I ran through the install wizard it would not complete (could not access the new database with the user name and password).

When I checked the main site it was broken - re-directing to a blank page and a url of /report/?id=xxxxxx. I checked the forums, found some info about permissions causing this symptom, reduced 777 on app, var and media to 644 and the redirect changed to /downloader.

I deleted the databases and users that had been created for dev and dev2.

That’s where we sit now. I can restore from server backups, but I’d like to move forward to at least 1.1.8. So, I’m planning to spend today moving in that direction - should I just click and run the downloader that it’s redirecting to OR should I do something manually?

database sits with my site contents at version 1.01.19870
dev contains all files for 1.1.8
dev2 contains all files for 1.2.1

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If you really, really can’t handle the upgrade try this and maybe will help you:

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