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Global Colorpicker - get Colors of all configurable Products and it’s products - refactoring from inline code 2 module or controller
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-01-23

I am quite new (3 weeks) in developing in Magento, have a project with a really sporty deadline and some troubles.
May someone could give me the tip I need.

In the shop are a bunch of configurable products with a attribute set of color and size.
In the navigation (out of the scope of any category or product) I need a colorpicker.
This should show all available colors and it’s combined products.
As Example - When the mouse move over yellow there should be shown a div with shirt 1 and shirt 3. On red the div should show shirt 1 too and shirt-2 and shirt 4 and so on.

I quite implement this function and it do what I want, but it is some worse inline code with a nasty load time.
So I think I better refactor it to a own module or a own controller of a exciting module.

And there now is my problem.
First of all, I am not sure in which scope I should place my controller. I think Catalog (Mage_Catalog_IndexController) should bring me further on?!

I have no clue what help I could get or need. But my hope is to start a quite useful (for all others too) discussion.
Maybe the right questions of the community could show me the answers myself.
So please participate.

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