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Need help on how to move massive site navigation code block to top of html
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-04-06

Hello everyone!

i am new to this forum and would love to get any advice you may have on a big issue for our site:

If you look at the html source (or when i fetched the url as googlebot using webmaster tools) you will that we have implemented a site wide navigation system along the left side of the page that has well over 1,000 lines of code. In some cases, you (and the search bots) don’t see the ‘real’ content until well over 1,300 lines of html.

Is there a way to move that code block of navigation to the bottom of the html and use some sort of css positioning definitions so that the navigation still is rendered as before but the actual navigation code?

not sure if i am reading this right in the admin of magento but i think we are running: Magento ver.

would really appreciate any help you could provide.  When i reached out to the site developer, they seemed to indicate something about how difficult this would be because the ‘site rendering engine renders the navigation first...?”

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