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HELP!! how to add shipping to items before checkout?? 
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Joined:  2013-02-09

Hi all, new here & having problems! :(

I’ve set up shipping & also free shipping (if 3 items or more are ordered)
that’s all fine, problem is, the customer gets to choose if they want to pay for shipping or not?!

There is a box that says

Estimate Delivery and VAT

Enter your destination to get a delivery estimate

Then once the customer puts in their postcode & city, this appears

Flat Rate
Fixed £3.65
Free Shipping (on 3 items or more)
Free £0.00

they can choose either to pay, or free shipping!!!..... or worse still, even if they don’t click “enter destination for delivery estimate”
they are still able to checkout.... without any delivery charge!

Where am I going wrong? I’m not good with code this is why i chose Magento Go!

Please help!
any input would be greatly appreciated!

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