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Error loading external javascript file (TripAdvisor Widget)
Keith Moon
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-03-08

The following TripAdivsor widget code does not work on our shop running Magento ver. but it works on ver.

<div id="TA_selfserveprop710" class="TA_selfserveprop">
ul id="ODnRzJ52op8" class="TA_links C2dkXR">
li id="5YF3kXjI6" class="eXmDzTuDfn">238 reviews of <a target="_blank" href="">The Celebrity Planet</ain London</li>
script src=";=710&locationId;=1546636&lang;=en_US&rating;=true&nreviews;=3&writereviewlink;=true&popIdx;=true&iswide;=false&border;=false"></script>

It looks like something is blocking the the external javascript file, but I can’t figure out what. Does anybody have an idea about who to solve this issue?


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