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I’m new to magento, making the move from prestashop. I’m trying to get my head around the customisable products, attributes etc.

It seems to work in a very different way to what I’m used to and need to see if its possible to create what I want before I start rebuilding in Magento. Ive tried searching for extensions but its all a bit confusing at the moment!

I sell products that have a primary and secondary colour, both with 20 colours in. Then they are in 3 sizes, each size will need to affect the price. For all options I want to show an image, and I would ideally want all this in a pop up rather than cluttering up the product page.

It may be best to see what I mean here:

Is there anything out there that could do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Please check out the AITOC Custom Product Preview extension for Magento;_medium=How+do+I?+Questions&utm;_campaign=Kr

Custom Product Preview extension for Magento enables your customers to create a preview of the end-product by placing their custom image and/or text over your product image. As Admin, you will be able to upload a background image that represents the custom product and define the printing area, and your customers will be able to upload and position their images and/or text that are to be printed, embroidered, etc. on your products. This easy-to-use and intuitive tool can provide you with an image that serves as an agreement with your customer of what the end-product should look like.

AITOC Product Matrix enables admin to create and edit configurable products with TWO attributes in a convenient matrix form, where admin can specify configuration for each simple associated product. It creates a matrix where Admin can specify simple associated product’s configuration: name, price, SKU, weight, availability, quantity, visibility and status.

Please check out the full features list of the extension at the product page;_medium=How+do+I?+Questions&utm;_campaign=Kr

If you need to work with configurable products with ANY number of attributes please check out Configurable Products Pro extension.;_medium=How+do+I?+Questions&utm;_campaign=Kr

These are the must-have extensions that will save you a lot of time and effort.

Thank you,

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