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Adding a website to the configuration scope
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Hi everyone, I’ve got a magento server with one website within its scope. As that particular main-website offers different types of products, I would like add a more specialized website to the scope that focuses on one product-type only. I’ve heard that the magento scope is a perfect way of doing that, instead of setting up a new magento installation.

Before I start adding another site to the scope, I’m interested in figuring out how it would be possible to create a different menu-structure for the site and add the same products but with different properties (such as price and description) to the new site. Furthermore, if I were to add product A to website A, can I make sure that product A is not accessible in website B?

Has anyone got some information related to the matter described above? Thanks in advance!

** PS: Please do not use this thread to post links to paid modules. thanks! **

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