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Problem with SSL
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Hi all,
I hope that someone already had this problem and could solve it:
We have built for my client an Thwate certificate. It was ordered to “”. The shop lies in a subdomain, so “”. If I want to switch to a secure page, such as user account, a message appears that the browser is unable to verify the site identity can.

The attempt to remodel the shop so that he “” is failed, because I basically except for the home page get a 404er error.

Now asked quite specifically what I need, that the SSL certificate will work on a subdomain?
Or how do I get it out, that the paths are called correctly when the shop is on the main domain in a subdirectory?

For a tip on your part, I am very grateful.

Sorry, this post i had generated with Google Translator and i really hope you can understand the problem - my english is not the best!

many greeting

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Susanne -

Unless you pay for an expensive wildcard SSL certificate, most inexpensive SSL certificates are tied to a specific domain. 

For example, an SSL keyed to this domain:

... will not work for a different subdomain, like:

Even more important, you want to make sure that any images, javascript, css or other calls are all made from the same domain (if possible).

I\\\’ve found in the past that either a missing image or an image call to a non-secure image (img src=\\\"http:// ) vs. a secure image will also throw an SSL warning.

My recommendation: get an inexpensive SSL certificate for the subdomain you want to use.

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