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Tier Pricing: When First Tier Quantity is 1 Results In Unexpected Displayed Price
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Joined:  2012-02-16

Really stuck on this one....


I have a customer group setup (GroupA) and have a single tier price for that group. Admin/Catalog/Prices looks like this:


Price * [10.00]

Tier Price [GroupA] 1 and above [8.00]


If a customer from GroupA is logged in the product view displays the following


Price: 10.00

Buy 1 for 8.00 each and save x%


As the logged in customer will never be charged 10.00 I need to display the tier price as the main price. Incidentally if I setup the same tier price for a ‘NOT LOGGED IN’ customer the same thing happens so it’s not an issue with customer groups etc.

I have studied price.phtml but am struggling to understand the files logic. My logic is:

If tier price is applicable (exists for active customer group) AND first tier level quantity break = 1 AND tier price is LESS THAN product price; display tier price instead of product price (also use tier price to compare to special price etc as necessary).

Can anybody suggest a solution?

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