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Adding Banner To Magento Product Page
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Hi Everyone i am seek your expertise. I am working on a magento store and am wanting to add a banner to my product page like the image attached. This banner needs to be different on each product page so am wanting a way that i can either browse my computer for the image or add a url to the image location. I am thinking i need to create an attribute and then under Admin > Catalog > Manager Product > Images list i will be able to pull in the banner just like adding a new image product. Is this the correct way of doing it? I am thinking i need to add some code in the view.phtml file that will call upon a attribute, but am not 100% sure what the code is or even if this is the correct way of doing this. Any help would be much appreciated



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create a static block under CMS in admin and name it something like category_product_banner and either upload your banner image or add the image code in the editor. Click save.

Then go to admin CMS widgets and create a new widget type = static block Design Package/Theme = your theme.
Widget Instance Title = category product banner
Sort Order = whatever you choose or leave blank.

Then while your on the same page scroll down and view Layout Updates.
click add layout update
pick your chosen destination Page: Block Reference: Template: 

I am not sure if you can get the banner to display exactly where you wanted it but you will be able to get it on there. You might need to change the banner size and add it to a column, footer, header.

If you add images to core files they will not be visible if you upgrade your version.

Oh ya make sure and select block type to reflect the static block you created category_product_banner

Hope the best for you.

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Hi!  With Promo Banners Extension you can easily put different banners on each product page. While creating a banner you choose both product category and SKU. See the image attached.
The great thing about the extension is you can add product list to any banner.
To see detailed user guide, live demo please follow the link

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