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This is my first post but I do visit these forums a lot when troubleshooting and find everyone very helpful so I’m hoping I can get a decent response!

Back to the point… I have a client who’s a bit fussy and the product she is selling is very “gift orientated”, so everything must have a gift message etc etc and it must be able to get shipped to multiple addresses around the globe which is not a problem as the multiple shipping checkout handles this nicely.

I have worked to add the gift message feature to the shopping cart, which stores a session and will pass the gift message into the checkout.

My client has now requested that she wants the user to be able to add a separate gift message to each product/item with a quantity of more than 1.

So if there is the same product with more than 1 quantity each quantity must have a the ability to store a separate gift message.

From the multiple destination checkout you can do this but by sending to different addresses.

If multiple quantities of a product could be stored as separate items in the cart that would be the best way. This is completely over my head so I don’t know if its even possible and no doubt it requires a lot of work.

I’m hoping someone knows of a plugin that stores multiple quantities of the same product seperately or has had a similar task in the past!

Looking forward to a reply! Thanks for reading!

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