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Does adding logic to template phtml affect full page caching? 
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We’re in the process of customizing a theme by adding some small object data retrieving to phtml files like catalog and product views. IE calculating a % saved comparing price to MSRP via calling something like this:

$_listPrice Mage::helper('core')->currency($_product->getMsrp(),true,false);
We do not yet have access to Enterprise to test, so our only concern is whether adding additonal logic such as the above will affect full page caching (or vice-versa).

It’s difficult to find definitive answers, but what I’ve discovered so far on the subject seems to indicate it shouldn’t matter as the logic would only run when that block itself isn’t already present in cache or is invalidated according to Magento’s caching rules.  Is this correct?  Does anyone have some insight to share on this topic?

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