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Product update extension
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Hello, I’m new here and in magento platform.

My question is if it is possible to create an extension that first send all products in magento through an XML (POST method) and then do it automatically when you add, delete or modify a product in magento.

Is it possible to run a code that sends an XML each time you click on save product? or is necessary the magento cron scheduler?

Thanks in advance.



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In your post you\’ve mentioned that you need to upload data to Magento synchronizing them but didn\’t mentioned from which place you need to do it. Please, specify it to provide you more complex solution.

If you need to be able to import to be running automatically and update your store in the scheduled basis, lets say, directly from supplier, it is possible using the combination of applications - Store Manager for Magento and its addon called Automated Product Import.

You will set up the procedure once and further updates will be made automatically. Lets say, your supplier provides you with file with fresh information and the software will grab that file and update your store without you having to do that. This procedure you can do at the time you yourself decide - each day, week, etc.

In any case there is free 2-weeks version of the application, so you can test it -

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