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Category Menu not showing on my customize template like on the default themes.. 
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Joined:  2013-02-07

Hello Guys
i dont know if this is already solve in any forum,but im stock on it in 2 days and always searching how to fix this very basic problem..:(
Im starting to develop magento last week only so i am absolutely noob here..

I have a customize template by following this step by step tutorial on how to create my own template in magento -->

after following all instruction i want to display my category navigation and include it on my menu..

but when i try to put this code at the top of my custom template “<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('top'); ?>” the category menu doesn’t exist..

i add a block in mytheme->layout->page.xml file
<!-- Top Menu -->
<block type="catalog/navigation" name="" as="topMenu" translate="label">
<block type="page/html_topmenu" name="catalog.topnav" template="catalog/navigation/top.phtml"/>

My top.phtml is located in catalog/navigation/top.phtml
create subcategory root folder on magento—> admin/catalog/manage categories

is active: yes
Include in Navigation Menu *: yes

Display Mode: products only
Is Anchor: yes

Use Parent Category Settings: no
Apply To Products: no

Custom design: my theme
Page Layout: my theme default

then system->configuration->category top nvigation->maximal Depth 3

i dont know if i miss something here..

is there anyone knows my mistake?:( im using the latest version of magento…

Sorry about my english also,
Thanks in advance and i really appreciate any response here..

Thank you

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