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Product Images disappearing
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Hey Everyone

I\’m setting up a Magento Site with Magento ver. We have products with 1 image attached to them each. This image is set as the base, small & Thumbnail. However, the products automatically changes this setting so then no image is set as the base, small & Thumbnail, however, if you open up the options for the product (both in backend & front end) the image is there.

Its not happening to all our products, just some, mostly in the one category. I have had a good look around the net looking for solutions, like making the media folder with permissions 777, clearing cache etc but nothing has work.

When starting the store, all the products were imported via CSV, but this started happening after the products were imported. We also do have a SOAP/XML-RPC User that connects from an external inventory management software that add and updates products. Not too sure if this has something to do with it or not

If anyone has any ideas, I\’ll be pretty keen to hear them

Thanks in advance

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