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Square Foot / Meter Pricing Calculator - Released
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Summary: Square foot Pricing Calculator Magento Extension lets you calculate price of Products in Magento based onLength, Area and Volume. User has the option for different units as well such as Centi-meters, Meters, Milli-meters, Inches and Feet. Automatically apply discounts on products based on their dimensions.


Price Calculator Magento extension will automatically create a “Price Calculator” tab for each product. In this tab price rules are manually defined such as below;


Above rules show minimum and maximum sizes for the product, according to these rules the discount amount will be 10% for the sizes above 15 square meters and 50% for the sizes above 30 square meters. You can select Area or volume as product dimension and choose fixed values or in percentage. Admin can change these values according to the requirements. Also from this tab admin can select the input and output unit types like as below


When customers will increase or decrease the value of any attribute such as the Length or Width, price will automatically increase or decrease accordingly. Price of single unit (per unit area) is set from “Price Calculator” tab. Suppose the base price of product is $100 and two custom options are created, Length and Height, then if customer enters 5 in Length and 3 in Height, this module will multiply 5 and 3 resulting in 15. Let us suppose also that we have set “10” as per unit price then this extension will add “10 * 15” = $150 in the base price. So now our price will be $250. Important point is that the discount is applied on $150 not on $250. Once the size is over 15% then 10% discount will be applied as per the first rule. For invalid values an error messages will be shown.

Checkout out the Square Foot Pricing Magento

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