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Catalog path and xml problems
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-10-11

hi all , i have 2 big problems, one its worst than another one ...

i explain step to step what we do and i hope anyone can help me ..

a moth ago we actualizate the descriptions and titles of almost 500 products and looks like this one

we did all with wysiwyg editor, and was a good work, several of them with images .. anyway .... yesterday .. we want to actualizate the prices of certain products, so i export a xml in to the var carpet , download it and the i iedit the prices of certain products, and upload again ... but we have the extreme bad surprise that our descriptions was gone .. and turn in to this one

was extremly painfull to see this, all our descriptions was in another format, and our titles was gone too, for example our products are dog and cat food, and we include the kilograms presentation in the name , for example

before: Taste Of The Wild for puppy
now: Taste of The Wild Puppy (2, 4, 15 Kg)

i think when we export the list , dont have the changes we did in january .. but we dont want to do this again, it takes weeks, so i contact our hosting and they say they can help us only if we say them what files should we restore to a previus back up

so i have 2 big questions, the first one its more important and need actually fast =( (not demanding , quiet desperate)

1)what files should we restore to get our Descriptions and titles back? of all products, i cant restore the whole site cause we have some orders there we just need the files that have de those catalog products,
2) what should i do when i need a fresh xml products with the actual changes? , cause : system>imoprt/export>dataflow profile > Export All Products dont work very well (we did changes on january and i generate and export the file yesterday (13/02/2013)

please help me in this, i think my job depends of this .

thanks to all

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