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In search of the ultimate magento theme - html5 compliant responsive, etc
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Joined:  2010-01-27

Hi, we gathered a list of theme elements we find important. Just because we have been up adn down the internet trying to find it all in one, but have not succeeded. Some elements were found

Good add to cart + popup:
Very nice wall function:

And some stuff we made, or altered ourselves:

QUESTION: Nowhere did we find the complete list below. Have any of you ever come across anything that comes near? And/or has the combination of the 3 themes above?

1.  Minimal CSS usage (fast load), if yes then minified
2.  Preferably no additonal JS libraries (fast load), if yes then minified
3.  Responsive and use of iOS/Android tags (header/buttons)
4.  html5 compliant (new tags utilized header, footer tags etc)
5.  All images compressed (checked with yslow/google)

Front page
6.  Possibility to show all / part per a category products on store front page (wall function)
7.  Must be shown standard: product photo, price, discount, name, add to cart button
8.  On mouse over shows: short description, review stars + add to cart button!!
9.  Add to cart uses ajax with animation to stress (image move, basket/cart shake, message is shown for some seconds)
10.  basket/cart or checkout button is shown on all pages absolutely (moves with page)
11.  Some category images can be shown next to slider, but at least above the fold

Product page
12.  Minimal 5 images are shown standard as upsell underneath product
13.  If possible small category buttons or images block next to product page
14.  Usage of rel NEXT and PREV to scroll through products (or small image)
15.  Product add to cart also animates hat this is done (confirmation: image move, basket/cart shake, message is shown for some seconds)

16.  Theme including email templates

Other – maybe through extension
17.  Possibility to add facebook like popup extension for discount code (on load)
18.  Theme has been tested to work with
a.  Fooman speedster + Fooman analytics plus
b.  Brim FPC
c.  Jirafe
19.  Onepage checkout included or at least compliant
20.  After order possibility to share products that were bought

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