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One status “pending_payment” for many states, Is that even possible? 
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Hello community

I recently got Magento installed in my website and I’m testing the order’s workflow.
I’m totally frustrated with the status. I’m running Magento

I have read about Status and states and I have done all sort of changes under System -> Order statuses. The weird thing is that Magento specifies: “a status can have only one state”

My problem is that all orders have the same status “pending_payment” no matter their state. Look at the pictures attached, they show the sales_flat_order from the database and the order status in the backend. You can see that states: processing, new and holded (holded is the same as fallo_pago) all are assigned pending_payment status. Some orders have been automatically invoiced from a credit card payment gateway, some have been manually inserted from the backend (some of these have been invoiced some have not). Anyway they all appear as pending_payment.

Under order statuses configuration I have only assigned one status per state. Actually the pending_payment is assigned under pending_payment

I’m totally frustrated because users could go on the payment gateway and leave without paying that I will still see the same status as for those who finished the whole process. Even for those order’s created in the backend I have no control of their real status/state.

What’s going on????

Thank you so much.

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