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Currency integration BTC->USD(/EUR)->gold
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Joined:  2013-01-29

I need some help on how to get 2 prices displayed:
Main currency implemented = BTC this needs to be displayed always
The seccond currency on the same item needs to be either euro or usd (according to currency selector).
I have enabled these three currencies in the admin

I get the BTC-USD rates imported, and have a remote xml that contains the gold prices for troyOZ in USD

So I have 2 issues:
1 how do mod the price.phtml to function as normal + always display BTC

2 how do I link the gold price so that the EUR/USD/BTC get updated according to the weight of the item.
I think I need to link the weight attribute to price (in usd) something like:
weight x troyOZ = price in USD
price = USD->BTC exchange rate.

I’m not a programmer but am trying to get the hang of things so please be patient
Thanks for any help!

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