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new products not appearing on home page ? any ideas please ? 
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Joined:  2011-03-31

Hi i seem to have lost the block that show the newest 3 products on my home page ..
this is my cms / home page / Layout Update XML code

if anyone can shed some light,, thanks if you can ..

<reference name="head">
<action method="addItem" ifconfig="sales/msrp/enabled"><type>skin_js</type><name>js/msrp.js</name></action>
<reference name="content">
<block type="cms/block" name="slider_1">
<action method="setBlockId"><block_id>slider_1</block_id></action>
<block type="cms/block" name="banner_block">
<action method="setBlockId"><block_id>banner_block</block_id></action>
<block type="core/template" template="catalog/msrp/popup.phtml" name="product.tooltip"></block>
<block type="catalog/product_new" name="" alias="product_new" template="catalog/product/new.phtml" after="cms_page">
<action method="addPriceBlockType">
<action method="setColumnCount"><columns>8</columns></action>
<action method="setProductsCount"><count>8</count></action>

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Check if the file permissions in magento/media to “777”
Check if there is at least one image uploaded for the product, that the Excluded checkbox isn’t checked, and the radios to include it for thumbnail, base image, and small image are selected for the respective images.
Under System->Configuration->Catalog->Product Image Placeholders, make sure there is a default image uploaded for each of the respective image types
Remove the .htaccess file located in the magento/media folder
flush the catalogs image cache.
If no- then find another solution.
For the next time- this service can transfer products with images to your store automatically- for you not to waste time

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