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Live vs. Local Search Results Has Different Layout
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EDIT: Well, that was easy. I figured just for “fun” I’d flush the Magento cache and flush Cache Storage. Did that, reloaded the page and just like that it’s how it should be. I’ve been at this job for about a month now. Since Magento is just part of my duties, I haven’t had time yet to go through the site and see how everything works and if it’s working let alone change xml files, so this isn’t a case of me changing something and forgetting to flush the cache. Is it possible that nobody, in at least the past month or longer, has never cleared those caches and the result is that page was never updated to a two column layout? A better question might be: when should us developers use the cache management buttons? Thanks for reading!

Hi everybody! It’s my first post here on the forums, so forgiveness please if I break any of the local customs.

I’m a programmer/web developer new to Magento and in my job I’ve inherited a Magento site that I don’t think was ever quite installed/maintained correctly, so I’m never quite sure if it’s something I’m overlooking in Magento or if it’s a mistake/hack in some file somewhere that my predecessors left.

My specific problem is that on our live site the search results have a 3 column layout. The design is to have a two column layout. So, when the search results show up the products do not align correctly and it looks like a mess. Furthermore, the things populating the 3rd column are default Magento installations things like the back to school sale blackboard.

Ok, no problem, right? Just mosey on over to /app/design/frontend/default/<my theme>/layout/catalogsearch.xml and make the adjustment there so that it’s a 2 column layout . That’s the thing, it’s already set in that xml file to be a 2-column layout! And in fact, when I FTPd the site down to my localhost, there is no 3rd column on search results! And it’s a complete copy of the site.

So, I’m really confused as to what could be causing the 3rd column to show up in search results on the live site, but the local site, a total facsimile of the live site, does not do that. catalogsearch.xml is the same exact file, they have the same text, and are the same size in bytes. Where else would something like this be set? Please let me know if any other information about the installation would be helpful, and thanks for reading.

The Magento CE version on both sites (live and local) is

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In fact, Magento search is not perfect. Very often a user doesn’t find what he was looking for and leaves the store.  Good decision is to integrate the Sphinx search engine. It greatly improves the quality and relevance of search results. Look at:

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