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Google Checkout Image not loading correctly
Jr. Member
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Hi there,
Not sure if this is the right section for this, or if my google and search skills have missed this being answered already (though I couldn’t find even a hint of a similar issue), so please bear with me and politely point me in the right direction if I’ve posted incorrectly.

My issue is:
I’m currently updating our very dated e-commerce site into a new Magento platform and have got 90% of the site working on the test server. I have included SagePay which is our main payment gateway and it seems to be running fine in test mode, however our secondary payment scheme is Google Checkout.
Now, we’re running 1.7.2 and as I have seen the GC integration with magento 1.3+ is a bit of an arm twist. I have enabled the google checkout option in the admin centre and put in all the merchant details and despite the product catalogue importing without the GC flag set to enabled I have found a way in which I can get to the correct SQL for each item in the 180,000+ catalouge and change the setting quickly and easily. So from what I can see, there shouldn’t be a problem with the Google Checkout option, however whenever I have something in a basket the greyed-out “This option is not available with these items” button shows. This even shows when I have a single item in the basket that definitely has the “Is Google Checkout Enabled?” flag set to Yes.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be?
I’ve checked the Links.php file and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the code to check which image variant is loading, so I’m stumped. It seems as though this new server and site doesn’t want us to use Google Checkout.


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