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Export products with custom options to csv file
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I’ve been on google, magneto forums and many other sources all day long, looking for a tutorial on how to export custom product options and pictures as a csv file.

I was able to find a few good tutorials on how to import custom options and pictures from a csv file, but not one good article on exporting custom options and pictures.

Here’s what I need to do:
I have a store with about 1500 products, which have been added from within the Magneto admin panel over time. Now we’re at a point where we need to update most of the prices, product names, options, etc. and need to export all of our products to a csv file to get it done faster.

Also, in general, it would be great just to have a csv file of all the products.

I know I can export all products from “System > Import/Export > Profiles > Export All Products”, but this way I’m not able to export any of the custom options and pictures.

PLEASE PLEASE, if you know of any good tutorials or articles that explain how to export products with custom options, I would greatly appreciate it, if you can share the link.

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You may consider update product pricing and other product related info without import/export but directly at your database. It is possible to perform it in a few seconds using Multi-Editor option available in Store Manager for Magento application.

If you need to update pricing of custom options, then as I know, default Magento functionality does not allow to import/export custom options. It can be achieved using scripts and coding and other third-party solutions. We develop one of them. Our application is called Store Manager for Magento and using it it is possible to import/export custom options to products (there is separate wizard for them).

In case you are interested, there is free 2-weeks version of the application. It is fully-functional and you can download it here -

Here is also step-by-step documentation -
If you need an assistance, there is free support available.

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- The default options in an excel file you can look through following SYSTEM->IMPORT/EXPORT->EXPORT->Entity type(choose \"PRODUCTS\")

- If you would like to add extra options (which were provided in the excel sheet), you should follow CATALOG->ATTRIBUTES->MANAGE ATTRIBUTES and there is an option to \"Add New Attribute\”. Here you can add as much attributes as you need and fill them up with your custom values for the configurator.
- Once the necessary attributes have been added on this step, you should go through CATALOG->ATTRIBUTES->MANAGE ATTRIBUTE SETS. Click \"Default\" and then you will see the page of 3 columns Your newly created custom attributes will be displayed in the \"Unassigned Attributes\” column. You should drag over the attributes from \"Unassigned Attributes\” to \"Groups\" column in order to enable them. Then click \"Save Attribute Set\”.

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