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“VPS” w/LiteSpeed Webserver + MariaDB vs.  “Dedicated” server without …which is better for Magento performance? 
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Hey guys, sorry if this is only obvious but I just want to make sure here.  For a store with around say ‘30,00-50,000’ active live products, what would ultimately be the best solution here for a solid server choice just strictly from these two below though, and thanks for the time and suggestions! 

My ‘budget’ is an issue for me right now as I know there’s many other options out there of course, but I’m trying to keep it all below 80 bucks here a month honestly (and yes btw I’ve had a HostGator Basic Dedicated Server plan a little while back and it did the job for me sufficiently out of the box, I was definitely pleased with the performance even with this many active products at once, ‘tuned’ some things in the server etc., so I know this alternative dedicated plan below should at least get close enough if not the same)

I guess the main question here again is would it really matter that this WiredTree VPS server would be all tricked-out with LiteSpeed and MariaDB installed, or would still even this mid-grade AMD Quad Core “Dedicated” server from 1&1;just with standard Apache and MySQL still solidly outperform regardless? Managed ‘VPS1000’ plan, $62/mo (price includes LiteSpeed add-on, and “MariaDB” they say they can install for me for free as also a drop-in replacement for MySQL)—;=2
*Intel Dual Xeon (8 CPUs)
*1024MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
*100GB RAID-10 Disk Space
*3000GB Premium Bandwidth
*4 Dedicated IPs
*cPanel / WHM (VPS Optimized)
*Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel
*Fantastico and Softaculous Available
*LiteSpeed HTTP Server Available
*RVSkin and WHMCS Available


1&1;( Managed “Dedicated Server L4”—$79.99/mo;=server-dedicated-overview&linkId;=ct.btn.continue.package.l
AMD Quad-Core, 4 Cores x 2.1 GHz
750 GB (2 x 750 SATA)
Software RAID 1

Thx again,


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wiredtree no good, especially with cpanel and whm, your server will swap a lot and your database will be dying every noon,
1and1 is better server, but why wont you try

i know it`s out of your budget a bit, but you have to tell us how big is your traffic now and your database size.
if your business is growing you have to think about future.

but anyway do not install Cpanel or PLesk, even if we have now a WHM plugin that fully converts apache into standalone Nginx server, control panel are overhead for such small servers, magento shop.
and please do not use “managed”, in this case they will lock your server, and they will never ever configure it properly.

use CentOS 6 minimal system (64-bit)

good luck

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Please check out the recent posts at AITOC Blog e.g where the Magento performance is discussed.

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With this extension, your customers will enjoy higher Magento performance, and you will benefit from lower server load and higher conversion rate.

Thank you.

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