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Magento API/SOAP/XML/RPC unexplainable behavior. 
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I have one server with two different accounts running two different magento instance (Both are Ver: )

Instance A located at
Instance B located at

We are using an inventory management & listing software called Linn Works. Linn Works uses Magento API-SOAP-XML-RPC.
I have used the exact setup on both instance A & B, however it worked only on A.

Further investigation with the help of Linn Works technical support I learned that L.W uses the following URL to establish the API connection (which pulls up an XML page if opened in browser- The right behavior) (Takes a long time to load and eventually lands on this instance’s frontend homepage)

I believe that this is enough information to spot at least one of the reason(s) this integration isn’t working.
I have also discovered that the URL : (taking out the www. ) Actually pulls up the correct XML page ?!?
What could be on the server side configuration that might have caused this.

Additionally I have compared ‘almost’ all the configuration from the magento back end on both instances, as well as the following files:

And they were identical!

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