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Mass Update Attributes Causes Attributes to be deleted
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Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this:

I’m using the search facility in Magento to find products with a certain attribute, and then selecting those products and using the “update attributes” feature to add data to a different attribute field.

In some cases, this works fine, the new attribute data is recorded and all is well. On other selections when I try and save the new attribute data it comes up with the red warning “this is a required field”. Sure enough, the field IS a required field, but as I’m not updating that particular field I’ve not ticked the check box underneath it and this field should be ignored.

If I turn off the “required field” option for the highlighted fields then the new attribute data gets saved BUT: It wipes the data in loads of the other attributes, meaning I lose valuable data from my product attributes.

I’ve tried this with both Google Chrome and Firefox. As I’ve said though, sometimes it will work , sometimes it won’t . I’m selecting 20-100 products at a time. I’ve even tried selecting just one product, and can still get the same error on that one product.

I’m on Magento

I did have a similar problem with attribute data getting wiped last year when we were on 1.6 but I seem to remember it was a Magento bug which was fixed when we upgraded to a newer version.

Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening? There’s nothing coming up in the search engines for it!

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