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Customer change product options and upload its photo to print it
Tomas iTokas
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I am interested in possibility or an extension who would let customers to make selections in this order:

It is needed for earrings shop, where user would like to have big earing with its photo on it. Earrings can have different shape, background color and user uploads its photo.

Option 1 - User select shape 1
Option 2 - User select color blue color blue
Option 3 - User upload image with its photo or anything else

I think it can be developed by selecting text + image link and in product placeholder every selection will be shown. And then customer upload image, it is resized to fit in that shape.

The result must be, that shop admin will new which shape, color and photo to use.

How can I do? DO I need extension? If so Anybody saw something similar?

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Please check out the AITOC Custom Product Preview extension for Magento;_medium=How+do+I?+Questions&utm;_campaign=Kr

Custom Product Preview extension for Magento enables your customers to create a preview of the end-product by placing their custom image and/or text over your product image. As Admin, you will be able to upload a background image that represents the custom product and define the printing area, and your customers will be able to upload and position their images and/or text that are to be printed, embroidered, etc. on your products. This easy-to-use and intuitive tool can provide you with an image that serves as an agreement with your customer of what the end-product should look like.

Thank you.

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