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Help Desk Pro is the perfect customer support solution for your Magento E-store. 
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Start delivering great customer support today!


The Help Desk Pro extension, a Magento-based support ticket system is a great choice for enterprises wanting to revitalize their customer care and support. This module provides a powerful combination of mail delivery, ticket management, and request & response storage to streamline and improve your customer support functions.
With Help Desk Pro you can create unlimited departments with role decentralization and different managing operators. Help Desk Pro even satisfies a large company’s needs for a more complicated ticket system.

Product Features

Web and Email support
_ Tickets can be created via email, Magento contact forms and help desk by customers or backend by staff.
_ Customers and staff can reply/update to ticket directly via email or ticket view page (Featured)

HTML content support (New)
_ Support HTML editor for posting ticket message on both backend and frontend.
_ Keep HTML format while extracting message from email.
_ Allow to define allowed HTML tags.

Ticket properties
_ Allow customer to assign department, priority and order number
_ Allow staff to view order detail directly in ticket page (Featured)
_ Allow customer to attach multiple files (Featured)
_ Support internal notes
_ Allow admin to enable/disable department, priority, order number, file attachment on frontend and control size of file attachment

Auto-update ticket status and auto-close (Featured)
_ Ticket status will always be updated automatically during the ticket lifecycle.
_ Tickets can also be automatically closed (based on the time setting in configuration)

Auto-clean old tickets (New)
_ Support auto-clean closed tickets after time configured in backend.
_ Keep your ticket system clean and improve performance.

Ticket statistics
_ Provide a general look of tickets management’s efficiency. Tickets are classified according to departments and operators.

Direct view link (Featured)
_ Both customer and staff will be given a link (by email) that directs them to the ticket view page, which contains the complete ticket history and threads.
_ Staff can reply to the ticket, close ticket or reassign to others via the direct link while customers can view and reply.

Assign and transfer ticket
_ Customer can assign tickets directly to departments.
_ Staff can close a ticket or transfer to another staff member via direct link or email by entering a simple code.

Email Templates
_ Email template samples are available with easy customization.

Guest allowed
_ Unregistered customers can send tickets to login not required departments.

Thread history
_ Display full information, customer’s requests and response of posted tickets

Quick Response
_ Allow admin to create a list of FAQs and answers to save employees and customers valuable time.

Internal Tags Support (Featured)
_ Allow staff to add tags to tickets and filter/report tickets by tag.

Alert System & Notification
_ Send email to proper staff when new ticket is created.
_ Auto-notify staff of missed ticket (time setting included, flexible configuration).

Third Party Integration (Featured)
_ Support to integrate with other live support systems like Zopim and LiveZilla…
_ Vulnerability Protection
_ Secure your email system and protect it from spam with advanced options.
_ Enable to mark emails as spam (New)

Other features

_ HTML/CSS validation
_ Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
_ Friendly and flexible configuration
_ Support multiple stores and multiple languages
_ Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
_ 100% open-source


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