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Layered Navigation filters showing items that don’t exist in search results
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I’ve recently enabled Layered Navigation on my site and I’m having problems with it showing the same set of manufacturers regardless of what is on the page. See the imgur album for examples

On the first picture, the Layered Navigation shouldn’t even be there, yet it’s showing a few manufacturers.

On the second picture, I have searched for something that only returns a single item, yet it still shows those manufacturers.

The Manufacturer attribute is set to Filterable (with results). The odd part is that it’s not showing all my items in the Layered Navigation - it’s somehow getting a specific set of ~20 items out of the ~1000 items in my store, and it’s the same set of items every time.

Layered Navigation works fine on category pages, just not search or CMS pages.

Could anyone provide hints as to where it’s getting this mysterious item list from?

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