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Apply language to front
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Joined:  2008-12-18

I am new to magento, so sorry if it is a stupid question
i have added a french language pack
on the admin part work perfectly
now i am trying to apply it to the front
i went to system>manage stor and created the new French store
then i went to system>configuration
then select the right stor :
Current Configuration Scope:French
then select Design>themes> Translations
then there i have tryed to put French, french, fr_FR
i have tryed many thing but it dosnt work
on front when i select french it is stile in english
Please Help me
i am getting crazy, just to change a language it is really not simple, i have read for many hours on many forum
it seems that for everybody it is natural and nobody talk about it
so please help stupid people as me
Thank you

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