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Catalog management, stock management and shipping through API of supplier
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My name is Earl and I work for a company that sells Magento webshops and builds custom web applications.
Now there is a customer who wants to sell product online and his supplier has an API available. Their catalog is continuously changing and so is their stock.
They sell car lights and casings. I can make an API call with the car brand, model and type and then I\\\’ll receive a list with products and the current stock level. If the product is in stock I can make an order through their API, pass on information about the customer and receive an order confirmation and shipment tracking code.
Since there is no Magento module available for this supplier and they don\\\’t offer any Magento-specific API or feed, I doubt if it\\\’s a good choice to use Magento instead of custom build webshop. For \\\"normal\\\" webshops we always use Magento, but in this situation I think it’s better to build a webshop by ourself…

I’d like to what you think about my situation, what I should consider and what choice you would have made.

If anything is unclear, please let me know, so I can explain it.

Thanks in advance!

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