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Google optimizer - no longer active but still redirecting
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-01-05

Hey guys - I have a 1.7. CE upgraded from 1.4. CE

Back in 1.4 there was an inbuilt Google Optimizer section that I used to test different homepage variations - however since then:

1) I have upgraded to 1.7 which no longer has the Google Optimizer section (Magento must have pulled it for some reason) - so can’t change the code
2) Google Optimizer itself has been been pulled itself - google no longer supports it and it is now under google analytics - so I can’t turn off the experiment

But this has left me with my pages still being redirected as per the variation experiments i.e I had 4 homepages:

Original (
Variation 1 (
Variation 2 (
Variation 3 (

So, with Variation 2 being the winner, my homepage still points to Variation 2, and as the section is no longer in 1.7 I can’t stop this redirect - the code is still redirecting it somehow but I don’t know where/how!

My domain is

Look forward to your help please.


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