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Entering weights for configurable product so it copies over to simple
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As linnworks has now integrated the use of Royal Mail Direct it’s thrown up a bit of a dilemma (reading the docs for it) bearing in mind that we haven’t installed linnworks yet but had every intention for doing so.

Looking at the docs it appears that you need to have a product weight for every item that you stock so that it can generate the shipping label (unless you want to enter the weight manually each time you need to generate a label which is counter productive)

We haven’t been entering weights as we didn’t know this at the time but from now on will be wanting to enter the weights when we create the products.

Thing is though the way we’ve been working in creating products in magento is that we create our configurable product first and then go to associated products and use the quick simple product creation to generate the simple products for that configurable product (as it usefully copies over the majority of the information)

Thing is though when you create a configurable product there is no weight input field. The weight input field only appears on simple products which means you have to input it each time which is crazy for us as the weight of each simple product (assigned to the configurable) will be exactly the same weight (as it’s only a change of colour or size). Whereas if we could input it into the configurable product then it would auto generate when we create the simple products.

Anyone else have the same problem? and what do you do?

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It depends how you create the simple products.

When you create a simple product via the configurable product, does it not retain all the info you\’ve entered each time you click \’create\’? I recall that you just need to choose the attributes that differentiate the new simple product and edit any other fields. Therefore you can\’t enter the weight on the configurable, but you only need to enter it once on the create screen.

You could also import your products from CSV and copy/paste the weight value.

Lastly, Linnworks relies on product weights in Linnworks, not in Magento. IE you need the weight in Linnworks, not in Magento provided the products are mapped/linked. If they\’re not, then perhaps it will fall back on the Magento provided weights.

Hope this helps.

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If you are tired of constant management and technical issues with configurable products, would like to suggest a solution that works with the simple products only, does not require creating additional products for adding more options to a product, you will be able to achieve the advanced and flexible functionality using Custom Options tab, and of course it will resolve the stated problems with weight in no time.

This Images as Custom Options extension will resolve all your configurable/ bundle products issues with one installation.

Your store will be equipped with the advanced set of custom options applicable for a simple product:
- Add any number of required options such as: styles, types, colors (specify title, price, select image per option)
- Set the sort order to adjust to order of options appearance on the page
- Add several images to have the main product picture updated according to the selected color or anything else.
- Price is set for each option individually and the total is updated once an option is selected
- Flexible Size option settings
- Fully AJAX driven product page
- and many more

Check the product page to find an example website. Test product link can be checked as well; the extension will work with any kind of product type configurator: clothing, doors, etc.

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